Photography by Madison Brendle

Hi! My name is Katja Wise and I am an entertainer and instructor based out of Raleigh, NC! I love hoopdancing and I swear by the grip of flowtivate Aromatherapy Hoop Wax! Though Circus Performers and Rhythmic Gymnast Hoop Dancers have always had secret weapons for keeping their hoop from sliding on slick costume fabrics, finally now Hoopers of all skill levels can find Hoop Wax in their favorite Hoop and Flow Arts Shops!

Now that hoop wax is on the market, performers can ditch unreliable gaff tape, unsightly 3M hoop liners, and put an end to permanently scratching bare hoops with sandpaper! Hoop Wax is quickly catching on as an industry-wide preference, and it’s easy to see why.

Hoop Wax and a convenient reusable carrying pouch photo by kemmitthoops

Without further ado, here are my TOP 5 reasons I LOVE Hoopwax!

1) Hoop Wax: It’s the Most Attractive Option

Hoop Wax is fantastic for bare or taped hoops, and wont dull the brightness of an LED! In fact, most hoop wax goes on clear! Your Polypro, HDPE, performance grade taped, and UV Reactive hoops can shine brightly; and the hoop wax won’t be a visible eye soar. 

2) Hoop Wax is Easy To Use

Applying a quality Hoop Wax to your favorite bare or taped dance hoop should be effortless! Simply rub the wax against the hoop until you achieve your desired grip! 

Photography by Madison Brendle

3) Hoop Wax Smells Amazing

I’ve gotta admit, all wax is not created equal. I prefer to use a scented hoop wax for an aromatherapy effect; which enhances present-moment awareness and aides in achieving Flow. Aromatherapy Hoop Wax is immersive, and can be enjoyed both by the hooper using it as well as those with noses nearby! My favorite wax is called Flowtivate and it is available through several retailers!

4) Hoop Wax is Long Lasting

Most Hoop Wax applications will last for several sessions. If you find that the wax on your hoop has collected dust, it can quickly be removed using a straight edge. Generally speaking, wax will only become dirty if exposed to extreme outdoor conditions. This means you can spend less time fussing with your hoop, and more time dancing with it!

Photo Courtesy of SynergyFlowArts

5) Wax is More Eco Friendly than Tape

When gaff tape is exposed to changing temperatures, it quickly peels off from the hoop and must be replaced. This is not only costly, but wasteful as well. Since Hoop Wax is long lasting, and often made with natural ingredients, it shines as one of the most eco-friendly grip options!

 It’s easy to see what all the buzz is about! flowtivate Aromatherapy Hoop Wax is made with Beeswax, Essential Oils, Coconut Oil and Good Vibes! Ask for flowtivate at your local hoop dance studio & flow prop shop!

What’s your favorite flowtivate scent? Let me know in the comments! 

If you’re interested in creating your own batch of flowtivate wax tailored to enhance your unique flow practice, request a free custom blending session consultation by e-mail
subject line: flowtivate Custom Blending


1 thought on “5 Reasons I LOVE Hoop Wax!

  1. This is exactly what I needed! I’ve been wanting to try hoop wax…And I keep hearing about flowtivate, it’s what all my hooper friends use. Thanks for sharing!

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