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Special Event Performances

Are you looking for innovative, outside-the-box entertainment for your next party or event? Consider a hoop dance performance! These artistic performances always include a theme and costume, and will ensure your guests remember your event long afterward. Examples: professional fire hoop dance stunts, UV/LED hooping, and character work such as a stiltwalker or clown.

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center Slater Mapp IG @smapp right Madison Brendle IG @brendlem

Children’s Hoop Dance Parties

Hosted at Private Studio or at your location, these include instruction in beginning hoop dance and are customized to the children’s ages and the party theme.






Hoop Dance Class Series

Sign up for my upcoming 8 week class series, structured around skill level with weekly group meeting times at a Private Studio.

Hoop Dance Workshops

 Flowtivate performs demonstrations as well as instructional workshops for festivals, retreats for religious or nonprofit groups, and for corporate events.

Private Instruction

Looking for one-on-one personalized instruction to learn hoop dance? These private lessons can be hosted at Private Studio, in the privacy of your home, or even remote via Skype to lead you in choreography, flow artistry mentorship, or any other consulting to help you develop as a dancer and improve your flow artistry!

Photo by Madison Brendle; IG: @brendlem

Handmade Hoops and Accessories

As you begin your hoopdance journey you’ll quickly learn a vast difference between hoops used by hoop dancers and children’s toy hoops or weighted exercise hoops. Whether you’re just beginning your hoop search or looking to upgrade, I’m here to help by personalizing a hand- crafted hoop just for you! Not sure which size hoop suits your needs? I offer a free consultation to custom fit hoops.

To take your dancing to the next level, consider adding our custom-blended scented hoop wax, which will add aromatherapy to enhance your dancing experience with sensory awareness, while also improving your grip. Flowtivate wax is available through select retailers, or contact me to order a wax custom-blended to your specifications. 


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