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Hello! My name is Katja Wise, and I am a flow artist and hoop dance instructor in Raleigh, NC. 

A flow artist is somebody who harmonizes skill-based techniques with creative and at times improvised movement expression to achieve a state of present-moment awareness known as Flow. 

What is Hoopdance?

Hoopdance is one of many Flow Arts. These are movement-based disciplines which include dynamic object manipulation. To put it simply, Hoopdance is a beautiful rhythmic dance which uses hoop(s) as a prop. Hoopdancing is a fantastic dynamic movement, and every 30 minutes burns 200-300 calories!

The art of Hoopdance requires practice and patience, which will ultimately lead to balance and coordination. A multifaceted Hoopdance also helps with flexibility of the spine, opening the hips, toning the arms and back, increasing heart rate & Improving circulation.

Added Bonus: It’s FUN.

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Whether by fate or fascination, hula-hoops have always held a special place in my heart. I recall fondly on hula-hoop play in childhood; dedicating long summer days to achieving new personal records keeping the hoop on my waist, or sharing my hoop rocking skills with the entire schoolyard on field day. I’m sad to say that as I entered adolescence; like many of us I grew more concerned with being perceived as childish. Along with playing dress-up, the color pink and punny jokes, hula-hoops became decidedly part of my past. I’ve gotta say: I am so grateful it did not stay that way! A few years later, as a young teen I saw a circus performer whose act was hooping with fire. I was captivated!  Instantly proclaiming to my family, “I’m gonna learn to do that one day!” not knowing how or when I would actualize that lofty goal. Everything came full circle (pun intended) in the spring semester of my senior year at university. That’s when my college roommate and I began learning hoopdance from an esteemed performance artist who was there working on her masters. I felt an instant affinity for hoop dance, flow, and my new artistic friends.
After completing undergrad I relocated to Raleigh, where Circus and movement arts are thriving!I now enthusiastically share hoop dance as an instructor and special events entertainer, both independently and partnering with studios and performance troupes in the greater Triangle area of North Carolina.
If you’re ready to rediscover one of your favorite childhood toys as a creative outlet and fitness routine, I’d love to work together and introduce you to the fantastic flow arts community!

Photo Credit to my hoop sister Priscilla Sizemore



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